An occupational therapy program is a critical tool to recovery for many people who have suffered a severe illness oroccupational therapy program injury. The goal of occupational therapy is to help your loved one recover so they can move and function as they did before or even better than that. This therapy requires hands-on support and guidance as the body rebuilds and restores muscles and the brain. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, this is one of the programs we offer our residents. To learn more about our services, please reach out to our team today at (405) 691-6555.

What Happens in an Occupational Therapy Program?

An occupational therapy program aims to help a person regain or improve skills related to everyday activities. That includes tasks such as using utensils, folding clothes, washing up, and much more. Often, a person may be unable to do this due to physical limitations and changes. Other times, there may be pain that exists that limits these movements. Additionally, mental health conditions can make it hard for a person to master these skills. These programs help the brain and body work together to see improvement.

When Does a Person Need an Occupational Therapy Program?

There are many situations where a person may require this type of therapy. That includes:

  • After suffering an injury
  • After a long hospital stay
  • During recovery from an illness
  • During recovery from a stroke
  • Help with a disability

An occupational therapy program is unique in that it is customized to meet the specific needs or tasks that a person requires. After a stroke, for example, a therapist works with a person to teach them to use their arms or hands again. There may be others who need help improving muscle strength and tone to enable putting clothing on. This type of therapy is flexible to meet most goals.

How an Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Program Helps You

Many benefits come from engaging in this type of therapy. The most important is improving your loved one’s quality of life. Most people want the ability to handle tasks and do things on their own. Additionally, some people want to gain as much mobility back as they can after an accident or illness occurs.

Additionally, this type of therapy also helps to avoid further injury or risk. By improving a person’s ability to use their hands, they are less likely to make a misstep that creates an injury risk. That is critical to long-term growth and recovery from a range of conditions.

Invest in Your Loved One’s Future at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City

At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we provide a comprehensive occupational therapy program that can help your loved one recover from injury or illness. This program is a component of our more comprehensive therapy program. That includes speech and physical therapy. After a full analysis and evaluation, you’ll have access to skilled therapists who can help you consistently work towards improvement.

This type of therapy is available to your loved one when they live in our communities. They may also be able to obtain these services as a part of our home health services. Be sure to ask us about the availability of these programs to fit your loved one’s needs.

Learn more about the wide range of therapy options available to your loved one. We also provide our residents with a wide array of senior services and programs, including:

Finding the support your loved one needs for recovery does not have to be complicated. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we offer a comprehensive occupational therapy program. Take a closer look at what this program offers and how it can help you recover from the complications your loved one faces. Learn more when you reach out to us at (405) 691-6555 or connect with us online.