Getting older often means taking more medications. They may help your loved one sleep better, function better, or control their pain. No matter what their medication regimen is, many people need help managing it. When your loved one needs more help with medication management, our professionals at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City can offer that support in a number of ways. To learn more about our medication management options, please contact our assisted living community today at (405) 691-6555.

What Is Medication Management?

Medication Management ProgramDepending on your loved one’s needs and where they live, medication management is the process of providing oversight and guidance on medication access and use. For those who live within our senior community, that means providing them with the help they need to manage medication use and needs over time. Some of the services that may be included include:

  • Providing proper storage for medications
  • Ensuring adequate preparation for medications
  • Providing access to medicines at the correct times to ensure consistent use
  • Monitoring for the appropriate administration and any side effects that occur
  • Managing interactions and medication complications should they arise

In some cases, your loved one may also have help with changing medications if they are not working properly or causing problems for them. While their doctor still manages the prescribing and usage goals, the team at our location can help your loved one with communicating any concerns. What’s more, your loved one does not have to worry about refills or trying to determine how to get a refill. We manage this for them.

Our team can also offer help for those who need medication management in Oklahoma who still live at home. This service may include coming to their home, setting up their medications for them, and even creating a medication schedule or reminders to help them to remember to take their medications. This may be done as a part of our home health services (depending on the level of care you need).

Why Is a Medication Management Program So Important?

Having professionals help your loved one with their medication needs provide a number of benefits. Most of the time, people are busy and forget to take their medications. They may not remember to set up their medications each day or week. With the help of a medical management program, some key benefits occur:

  • Fewer missed doses mean better care of your loved one’s medical needs
  • Support for problems if they develop from medication use such as side effects
  • No more difficulty with opening pill bottles
  • Medications set up for your loved one to reduce the risk of confusion over what to take and when
  • Medication management ensures they do not run out of the medications they need

Take a few minutes to consider the challenges your loved one is having with their medications. What is limiting their health or meeting their recovery goals? Let us help with those needs.

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At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we provide a medication management program for those who need it as a component of the services we offer. It is essential to communicate with our team about what your loved one’s needs are. That way, we can ensure your doctor’s prescriptions are always available and provide proper care for your loved one as they take these medications. Having someone else handle this is just one of the ways we can help your loved one. Check out some of the other ways we can do so through senior programs and services such as:

Our professionals are here to help your loved one with all of their needs, including medication management. If someone you love needs help managing medications or need help consistently for care, reach out to Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today. Call us at (405) 691-6555 or connect with our team online.