meals on wheels oklahoma cityFamily members, church members, friends, and co-workers often drop off warm meals when a family member is going through a terrible sickness or stressful time. It shows their concern, thoughtfulness, and care when the family needs it most. Similarly, when an older adult can’t make it out of the house, a warm meal can change the course of their life. The Meals on Wheels delivery program can meet your loved one’s nutritional and social needs if your loved one doesn’t live close to you or the rest of the family. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we proudly partner with Meals on Wheels to ensure that seniors across the state and country get the support they need. For more information about Meals on Wheels in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, contact Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City at (405) 691-6555 today.

What You Need to Know About Meals on Wheels

Older adults across Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the United States aren’t able to access regular healthy meals. A wide variety of problems may lead to this challenge, but each person has a different challenge. For instance, some people may not be able to prepare regular meals due to mental or physical health problems. Alternatively, healthier food options are often more expensive, whereas fast food options are cheap but often more unhealthy. Whatever is the case for your loved one, finding regular, nutritious meals is vital for their long-term health. Meals on Wheels has assisted in providing this service to seniors around the country since its foundation in 1972.

Another reason Meals on Wheels is vital to the community is that many older adults suffer from social isolation. Many are unable to leave their houses on a regular basis, which makes it more difficult to see friends and family members, which can lead to mental and physical health problems. However, Meals on Wheels is also instrumental in providing consistent wellness checks to our community. With this service, seniors can look forward to visits from volunteers, and their family members can rest easy knowing that someone will be checking on their loved ones every few days. Meals on Wheels is an incredibly valuable service for members of our assisted living community who can no longer leave the house on a consistent basis.

What Benefits Does Meals on Wheels Provide?

One of the primary benefits of Meals on Wheels is that older adults have access to nutritious, balanced meals regularly. These meals have a range of nutrients that your loved one needs to stay healthy for more extended periods. For example, these meals will contain nutrients from all five food groups, including:

  • Grains: Contrary to popular opinion, carbohydrates are essential for fast-acting energy. We ensure that each person gets healthy carbs to fuel their activities.
  • Dairy products: Milk, cheese, and butter strengthen your loved one’s bones, which makes it less likely that they’ll suffer a serious injury in the case of a severe fall.
  • Fruits: Particularly in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, building natural immunity to disease is vital. Eating fruits can limit the impact of diseases such as influenza, colds, and other sicknesses.
  • Vegetables: Veggies keep your loved one’s eyes and heart in good condition.
  • Protein: This nutrient is vital to your loved one’s energy levels, as it helps your body carry oxygen through the blood.

Meals on Wheels recognizes the dietary restrictions that may make people reluctant to try our resident services. Fortunately, we offer vegetarian options, as well as providing choices for those with dietary and religious restrictions.

Call Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City To Learn More

The community at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City strives to ensure that each person in our city gets the nutrition and care they require. Meals on Wheels can assist with this goal. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of services that support older adults, such as:

Everyone deserves to eat well regularly. Let us help your loved one get a healthy, nutritious diet. To learn more about our partnership with Meals on Wheels, please contact Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today at (405) 691-6555 or using our online form.