When a loved one needs comfort and support towards the end of their life, it can become the goal to find a locationoklahoma hospice care that can offer a caring environment. If you need an Oklahoma hospice care provider, Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City can provide that extensive level of care for you or your loved one. It’s a big decision to make, but even when you have no choice, you do not have to settle for anything but the best level of compassion. We’re here to provide it. Contact Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today at (405) 691-6555 to learn more about our resident services.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care means providing the care and support a person needs when they may be close to the end of their life. Our doctors and nurses will help keep them comfortable and care for their needs on a day-to-day basis. Hospice aims to make the transition more comfortable and less taxing on family members. By handling the more taxing components of a person’s end-of-life needs, the family can spend more time on meaningful moments with their loved one.

What Type of Services Are Provided Through Hospice Care?

Hospice care is very specialized. It provides what is needed during the final months of the person’s life. This support can change moment-to-moment. For some, it means years of support, but for most, it means months or less time of providing care. During hospice, most of the needs of an individual are available. This may include:

  • Doctor and medical services
  • All medical equipment needed, including wheelchairs, hospital beds, and walkers
  • Medications to meet medical needs
  • Medical supplies as needed
  • Nursing care around the clock
  • Medications to control pain and other symptoms
  • Occupational and physical therapy as needed

Hospice care aims to ensure a person’s quality of life is maintained as much as possible, even if they are coming closer to the end of their life. To do this, every service provided is meant to reduce pain, improving emotional health, and meet spiritual needs.

When Should You Seek Oklahoma Hospice Care?

That’s a hard decision to make for many families. Often, it occurs with a conversation with a person’s doctor and medical team. When there is no longer anything left that doctors can do to help a person recover or extend their life, or when a person no longer wishes to pursue these types of care, hospice services are available.

Those who work in this type of care understand the difficulties of family members. They can also provide advice and guidance on what can they can do and what strategies may help. If you are thinking about these senior services, it is best to turn to a treatment provider for a formal conversation about what it can mean in your case.

Find the Peace and Support You Need at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City

At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we offer hospice services for many needs. That includes providing home health care professionals for those who do not wish to leave their homes and wish to remain there until the end of their life. It also includes care in our assisted living community. All of your loved one’s needs are met when you use our services, including:

  • Compassionate nurses to provide care around the clock
  • Dining or meal services as needed
  • Arts and crafts programs
  • Occupational and physical therapy to help with pain management
  • Transportation as needed

Finding an Oklahoma hospice care provider you can trust to provide the very best level of support to your loved one can feel like a challenge. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, you can trust in our compassionate providers and welcoming community to be there for you through it all. Learn more when you call (405) 691-6555 or connect with our team online.