A fall can be devastating for someone who is older. Whether your loved one lives at home or is planning to move into a community like our own, it is critical to have steps and processes in place to minimize the risk of a fall. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we provide a range of services to help your loved one stay safe. Protecting your health and maintaining your wellbeing is our primary goal. Please call Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today at (405) 691-6555 to learn more about our senior services.

What Is a Fall Prevention Program?

fall prevention programOur fall prevention program focuses on providing a way to monitor, manage, and reduce the risk of falls in each of our residents. It is a big part of what we do. There are simple things that we do to achieve this, such as providing support whenever someone is getting into or out of bed. It also means keeping property and areas dry and free from items on the ground that could cause a fall or trip.

Fall detection and prevention technologies may also be available. These are tools we can use to help monitor the risks for falls. That includes providing help when your loved one needs to use the bathroom instead of putting them at risk for a fall. By closely monitoring their activity, we can ensure you are less likely to fall or trip.

Why Is a Fall Prevention Program So Important?

Fall prevention is a huge part of our work because it is critical to our residents’ long-term health and wellbeing. The risks of a fall are numerous:

  • Falls are a leading cause of nonfatal injuries in those who are older
  • Falls can cause significant damage, such as a fractured hip
  • Those who have weaker bones and joints may suffer a more severe injury with a fall
  • A head injury is a life-threatening injury commonly occurring with a simple trip or fall
  • Many fall injuries lead to hospitalizations
  • Long-term mobility may be a concern for older individuals

When an older person falls, the risk of damage through a significant injury is higher. More so, it can be challenging to recover from such an injury. That can lead to numerous complications to overall health, including pain and difficulty doing everyday tasks. Prevention is the best opportunity to minimize this risk.

Fall Prevention Programs Aim to Minimize the Most Common Risks

Falls in those who are older can lead to numerous complications. But, what causes them to happen so commonly?

  • Impaired vision
  • A decline in overall physical fitness (less active adults are less likely to react as quickly)
  • Medications
  • Environmental hazards
  • Surgical procedures
  • Chronic disease limitations

In every situation, it is vital to ensure a person has the least risk of a fall. That’s why our team is always there to help your loved one.

What to Look for in a Fall Prevention Program in Oklahoma

If you are looking for some help at home or you are moving into our assisted living or memory care location, we encourage you to ask us about our fall prevention program. Learn what you can expect from our team in helping you to avoid a slip, trip, or fall while you are living here or while our professionals are coming to your home to provide additional help. We do everything we can to minimize these risks to you, helping to preserve your health and your life as a result.

Find the Care Needed at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City

Our comprehensive fall prevention program aims to keep you safe. When it comes to providing a place for you to live where you’ll be well cared for every day, put your trust in Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City. To learn more about the work we do, call (405) 691-6555 or connect with us online.