Dining ServicesWhen choosing a place to live, it is crucial to know how the food is. After all, this is something your loved one will engage in at least three times a day. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we offer professional dining services. That means your loved one can enjoy high-quality food prepared the way they want it. Most importantly, they will find themselves enjoying meals that meet all of their health needs. Learn more about our dining services in Oklahoma by calling (405) 691-6555 today.

What Dining Services Are Available?

Our team provides our residents with a wide range of dining services and support. If your loved one is living within our community, they have access to our dining services. They may want to prepare meals in their home here, or they may be looking to enjoy community-style meals with their neighbors. They may wish to have access to nutritious food prepared for them, or they may want the ingredients available to prep their meals and snacks. Let us know what type of meals are important to your loved one and how we can help them.

Dining Services That Meet Your Loved One’s Needs

A healthy diet is an integral part of living a long and healthy life. However, your loved one may have specific needs their doctor has recommended as well as foods they enjoy eating. Finding a team that can offer both and helps them find the right balance is essential. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we offer support for most types of dietary requirements. That includes:

  • Allergy restrictions
  • Dietary restrictions for medical needs (such as low salt or low Vitamin K)
  • Dietary restrictions for health goals, such as weight loss or cardiovascular health
  • Religious food restrictions
  • Vegan and vegetarian diets
  • Foods liked and disliked

At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we aim to make sure your loved one can access the best foods available. All your loved one has to do is reach out to us to learn more about what we can do to help them.

Living at Home? Let Us Offer Dining Services in Oklahoma

If your loved one is an older adult who is still living at home, they may need some help with food prep and meals. That is a big part of the day, but it is also one of the most complex parts of life when a person has mobility issues. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we can offer some help. We have a partnership with Meals on Wheels that may help your loved one. If you are looking for help or support for your loved one, reach out to our team now. Let us provide your family with more insight into what your loved one’s options are and how we can help them.

Get the Care You Need at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City

At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we provide our residents with a wide range of senior resources and support for dining services and much more. When your loved one is facing trouble with daily life, it may be time to consider improving their quality of life. That may mean moving into one of our assisted living community homes. Your loved one can get all of the help they need for meals and any other needs they have.

The first step is to learn more about our services and the wide range of programs we offer. Your loved one will find our team is the compassionate professionals they have been looking for all along. Learn more about our senior programs such as:

At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, your loved one will have access to high-quality food and professional dining services. Our dedicated team of professionals is always available to help your loved one with special dietary needs, too. Now is the perfect time to learn more about our community. Call (405) 691-6555 or connect with us online today.