Children of older adults are often forced to find a senior living community because of an emergency. However, because the decision is quick and reasonably uninformed, they don’t look into all the options available. At Wickshire Oklahoma City, we recognize the financial challenges and the physical and emotional factors that come into play as adults grow older. As a result, we offer our residents a luxurious, supportive experience at a price that the family can afford.

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The Importance of Memory Care

Memory care is an essential service that assisted living communities tailor to the needs of those who have dementia. Our community provides an environment that we’ve designed to prevent wandering, promote familiarity, and reduce your loved one’s confusion. We also offer a range of activities and therapies that help your loved one retain their memories and independence as long as possible.

The staff of our dementia care community is uniquely qualified to address your loved one’s needs. They receive continuous training to help those with specific memory issues. They also can help minimize your loved one’s challenging behaviors that dementia or Alzheimer’s disease cause.

Taking care of older adults who have dementia or other memory conditions is one of our focuses at Wickshire Senior Living. We provide a low staff to resident ratio to ensure that your loved one gets the need. We also have around-the-clock care and security to ensure that your loved one doesn’t accidentally go wandering into the community. Their health and wellbeing are our first priority.

Does My Loved One Need Memory Care Services?

The only person who can determine for sure if your loved one needs dementia or Alzheimer’s care services is their primary care doctor. It is vital to attend regular doctor’s appointments to ensure that your doctor is able to catch any potential issues, such as dementia, as early as possible. There are five potential signs of memory problems, such as:

  • Poor decision-making skills and judgment
  • Losing track of the season or date
  • Difficulty in maintaining a conversation
  • Misplacing their belongings and not being able to retrace their steps to find them
  • Inability to manage a budget

These signs are not a comprehensive list of warning signs of memory problems, but if you notice several of these signs in someone you love, it is vital to find treatment as soon as possible. While Alzheimer’s and dementia have no cure at this time, the disease can be slowed, giving your loved one more time to spend with their family and friends.

Our community offers expert care to help slow the disease’s progression. In our care, they will continue to have purpose and growth. Let us support you and your family.

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We’ve designed our community to support middle-class Americans who want excellent care for their loved ones without breaking the bank. In addition to our dementia care services, we also provide a range of additional senior services, such as:

Your loved one deserves the best care possible. You can get this at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City. To learn more about how we can support a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory problems, call Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today at (405) 691-6555.