5 dimensions of wellnessResearch shows that thousands of people will reach their 65th birthday today, making this one of the fastest-growing populations in the United States. However, as adults get older, they face a variety of challenges. Learning to overcome these challenges and advocate for themselves then becomes vital for their overall well-being. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we offer our Wise and Well program, which enables older adults to maintain all 5 dimensions of wellness. With our personalized senior care program, your loved one can thrive under our care. To learn more about how this program can assist your parent or loved one, contact Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today at (405) 691-6555.

Defining the 5 Dimensions of Wellness

Experts suggest that in order to stay healthy, people must maintain five dimensions of wellness, meaning that there are five distinct areas of health. Unfortunately, many people don’t care for one or more of these factors because they don’t have the energy to maintain them. This challenge increases as age does because many older adults may suffer from mobility issues.
However, when an older adult comes to Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we work with our residents to help them stay healthy for longer periods. When they come to our community, we’ll evaluate their overall health to help us understand their situation. Next, we’ll develop a personalized care plan for each person which will help them maintain each of the dimensions of wellness, including:

  • Physical wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Intellectual wellness
  • Social wellness
  • Spiritual wellness

We work intentionally with each person in our community to ensure that they’re able to maintain whole-person wellness. We create opportunities for them to maintain their wellness weekly and provide a report that helps them understand how they maintained their health the previous week. Doing this allows our residents to feel like they’re making regular progress towards healthiness each day.

The Importance of Maintaining Health in Older Adults

It’s crucial for each person to maintain the 5 dimensions of wellness in order for them to remain healthy. Doing so lowers their risk of falling, improves their mental health, and encourages them to live the life they want to live. Research shows that a person’s lifestyle choices can significantly affect the impact of physical and mental aging. In addition, maintaining each of the dimensions of wellness can prolong your loved one’s life.

Our team recognizes the truth of this research, so we strive to help each person grow. For example, our community provides fun physical activities on a regular basis to help each of our residents maintain their physical health. These programs allow our residents to maintain their mobility and strength in the long-run. We have staff supervising these activities to ensure no one gets injured or exhausted.

In addition, we recognize the need for social interaction for people to stay healthy mentally and physically. Because of this, we encourage our residents to come out of their rooms and interact with volunteers. We also provide a range of senior educational and recreational activities where people can talk to each other and forge lasting friendships.

We address all five of the dimensions of wellness in our community. Schedule a visit to Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City for more information about our Wise and Well program.

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No matter how old a person is, there is still time to maintain the five dimensions of wellness. We offer a wide array of programs that enable your loved one to improve their health, including:

To learn about our community and our Wise and Well program, please call Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today at (405) 691-6555.