At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, we believe that each person has a purpose in life, whether they’re a resident in our community, a family member, or one of our team members. Our team cares for each resident with exceptional care so that they can spend their free time doing what matters most to them. When people come to our community, they find that our team offers a relationship-centered approach that gives residents the opportunity to enjoy life each day. We treat everyone as a part of our community, whether they are a member of our team, a resident, or their family member. For more information about our approach to skilled nursing and care for adult adults, please reach out to Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today at (405) 691-6555.

Five Dimensions of Wellness

Research shows that there are five dimensions to wellness, which a person must maintain in order for them to stay healthy. Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City strives to support seniors in five areas, ensuring their vitality and long-term health.

Physical Wellness

When people think of wellness, the first thing most consider is their physical well-being. As part of the Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City approach, we help older adults improve their physical health throughout their time in our community. For instance, we offer nutritious meals in our lovely dining room, as well as healthy snacks available around the clock. Furthermore, we provide a range of exercise options for seniors of all ability levels.

Emotional Wellness

A person’s emotions can significantly affect their ability to grow and thrive each day. Their feelings and experiences impact them in a different way than they did in their youth, and if they don’t know how to manage them, they may struggle to cope. Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City will help your loved one adapt to life’s challenges and manage their stress successfully.

Spiritual Wellness

Most people have a system of values, morals, ethics, and beliefs on which they build their life, which is the foundation for spiritual wellness. We encourage each of our residents to practice their belief systems and morals through a wide array of activities, such as:

These activities give our residents a sense of well-being and purpose throughout their time in our community.

Intellectual Wellness

Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the importance of intellectual wellness. However, it is as essential as any other dimension of health. Intellectual wellness refers to a person’s participation in scholastic, cultural, and community activities. We help our residents exercise their minds using regular educational and recreational activities, as well as a lovely library that residents have continuous access to each day.

Social Wellness

Many seniors don’t have the opportunity to interact with their friends or family members as much as they once did. This limitation can lead to loneliness and isolation, which can cause a wide array of mental health problems. However, this issue isn’t a problem at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City. We strongly encourage our residents to talk to the other members of our community, and we offer plenty of activities where they can make new friends.

Learn More at Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City

Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City supports our residents as they maintain the 5 dimensions of wellness daily. We offer a personalized approach to care, which allows each person to stay healthy and strong for as long as possible. To learn more about our services or to visit our community, please reach out to Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City today by calling (405) 691-6555 or using our helpful form.